Alyson Young BCST, CNA, CYT

“What really makes a difference in the world?”

This question along with a profound appreciation for the feminine and a tireless interest in life itself has always guided my studies and my intention to serve. As a teenager, I began practicing yoga and diving into self-development classes. During my college years, I fell in love with embryology, anatomy, and the study of developmental stages. After receiving a bachelor's in biological sciences, I continued my education in holistic modalities such as craniosacral, polarity therapy, and trauma resolution under the tutelage of John and Anna Chitty who specialized in working with babies. Over time, I could no longer ignore my persistent desire to become a midwife and help humans transition into the world in a compassionate way. I began my doula training with DONA in 2015 and became a nurse aid most recently on my path towards becoming a certified nursing midwife. I hope to become a mother myself one day and contribute to a world that mirrors the inherent balance all children are born with. In this kind of environment, children can readily recognize their most essential qualities; loving kindness, compassion, joy (mudita), and equanimity.


Training and Education

Certified Nurse Aide

Ann Rose School of Nursing Arts

750 Hours April 2018

Birth Doula Workshop Approved by DONA International 2016

Basics of Breastfeeding Class 2017

Introduction to Childbirth 2018           

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist Training

Including a 4 day workshop on the birthing process

700 Hours: October 2015 - January 2017

Advanced Polarity Therapy Life Coach

425 Hours: September 2014 - June2016

Franklyn Sills Advanced Biodynamic Training

37 Hours: August 2015

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Working with Babies Certification

28 Hours: June 2015

Verbal Skills with Anna Chitty (for Craniosacral Therapy and Trauma Resolution)

280 Hours: January 2015 - January 2017

New Insights in Fascia Therapies with embryologist Jaap van der Wal, MD, PhD

25 Hours: June 2015

Polarity Therapy Training Level 1

120 Hours: January 2014 - April 2014

Polarity Therapy Two-Chair Awareness Seminar

26 Hours: December 2014

Teachings of Value: Circulation-Sex Meridian and Triple Warmer Systems

Spring 2017

Teachings of Value: Awareness and Acceptance

Spring 2016

Teachings of Value: Introduction to Organ Energy Systems

Spring 2013           

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

February 2011-Feb 2015

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training including workshops with Jason Crandell, Natasha Rizopoulos, and Anna Forrest

February 2011

Bachelor of Science in Biology

Fall 2007-Winter 2010

Apex Personal Training Certification

May 2009

CPR/AED/BLS certified in 2007, 2011, 2013, 2018


Landmark Education Introduction Leadership Program

Landmark Education Self Expression and Leadership Program

Landmark Education Communication Course

Landmark Education The Advanced Course

The Landmark Forum

Spring 2004- Fall 2007