craniosacral therapy

A craniosacral therapist uses a holistic approach and light touch to detect rhythmic impulses in the body to facilitate a state of wellbeing. Craniosacral can be particularly helpful for acute stress, headaches, chronic pain, PTSD, TMJ, and recovery from surgery. Because it is such a gentle modality, it is ideal for those who are pregnant, newborns, elderly, and those who have experienced trauma or injury. Often paired with polarity therapy, I use light touch, mindfulness, and somatic techniques to restore the nervous system, integrate challenging life experiences, and return to a feeling of wholeness. Sessions are fully clothed.

polarity therapy

Polarity therapy is a comprehensive holistic modality centered in the understanding of the five elements and the balance of yin, yang, and the neutral principle. Polarity methods include touch, lifestyle coaching, diet, and exercise. Polarity bodywork is often paired with craniosacral therapy and involves stimulating certain energetic points on the body to restore balance. Sessions are fully clothed.