Mothers are the primordial embodiment of compassion in our lives. From the moment of conception, when we bury into our mother's uterine lining and she receives us in order to nourish our becoming, to when she endures the birthing process to bring us into the world, she then hears our hungry cries and offers her breast.

Our body is made of her body. She has offered herself for us.

Mothers, I bow to you.

I am here for you

And I thank you for being a mother.

Birth Doula Services

Doulas are trained caregivers that provide emotional and physical support leading up to, during, and immediately after birth.  Doulas help expecting parents make informed decisions about how they will bring their little one into the world. They act as an advocate and companion for mother and baby while also collaborating with the birth team.

Studies show that laboring women who are supported by a doula are less likely to need medical interventions such as use of Pitocin, pain medication, vacuum extraction, forceps, and cesarean surgery. These women give birth to babies with higher health scores and find more ease with breastfeeding. Regardless of how birth progressed, women who receive continuous doula support are more likely to report having a positive birth experience.

Years of training in craniosacral therapy, trauma resolution, and biology have uniquely informed my practice as a doula. I offer a body-centered approach for calming the nervous system while also encouraging healthy attachment and connection in family relationships.

I serve families giving birth within 45 miles of Boulder, Colorado. This includes Denver, Longmont, Lyons, Erie, Lafayette, Louisville, Westminster, and Broomfield.

Your birth doula package includes…

  • One consultation and three prenatal appointments for clarifying your birth plan and developing techniques to ease labor.

  • Two prenatal craniosacral sessions.
  • Continuous, compassionate support throughout labor.
  • I am happy to take photos or videos of your birth.
  • One post-natal session for breastfeeding and newborn care.
  • One post-natal support session to discuss and integrate your birth experience.
  • Email and phone support before and after the birth.
  • Connecting you with other parenting resources, books, videos, audio, and referrals to other skilled practitioners.
  • Learn techniques for calming your nervous system and attuning to your instinctual wisdom.

Sibling Doula Services

As your sibling doula, I will take care of your older children during birth, comfort them while mother is in labor, and offer age appropriate understanding about what it happening and what to expect.

Sibling services include…

  • One prenatal visit to meet your children.
  • Continuous care for your children throughout active labor and for the first few hours immediately following birth.
  • One post-natal visit to check-in.

Doula support for women who have lost a little one

I also offer support to those who have lost children, miscarried, or had an abortion. I highly recommend craniosacral and I offer a sliding scale for these instances.