The passage of young females into their reproductive years is full of enormous change. They are more highly charged with emotion as they begin to differentiate from their parents and inquire about their individuality and unique capabilities. They experience a rapid change of their bodies and an awakening of sexual energy. All this happens in the context of a larger society that tends to hyper-sexualize the female body while simultaneously suppressing more meaningful conversations about it. This can be highly confusing for young people navigating the transition into adulthood.

As a mentor, I help young women understand and embrace their changing bodies, attune to their inherent guidance, and express healthy boundaries.

Before working with your daughter as a mentor, I would first meet with you [the guardian] to discuss what topics you would like me to cover.

In the following few sessions, we will all meet together (parents and daughter) to develop relationship, intention, and a safe container for working together. Once this is established, I can meet one-on-one your young one and keep routine appointments with you to check in.

Depending on your requests, topics for mentorship can include...

  • Meditation, yoga, and fitness for embodiment

             When we embrace and embody the form we are given in this life, we are more likely to be discerning about who or what we share it with. We can feel what actions are nourishing for our body and what actions lack nourishment.
  •  Basic anatomy of the female reproductive system and fertility awareness

            There is power in being able to name, identify, and connect with each part of your body. Furthermore, understanding the rhythmic nature of the female cycle can help us attune to our own seasons, understand the temporal quality of nature, and take responsibility for our reproductive health.
  • Awareness of boundaries and consent

            Our body, our emotions, and our nervous system can give us direct feedback about what feels right, safe, and honest for us. It is critical to empower young females to say “no” to questionable or unsafe experiences.
  • Academic Tutoring and Organization

            Help your daughter have the experience of success with a little support and structure. I have a rich background in science, math, and language studies and experience mentoring this age-group.

  • Dialogue about handling menstruation, birth control, STDs, and safe sex

            Adolescents need balanced and healthy information about how to take care of their bodies, prevent pregnancy, and avoid disease.
  • Rituals to celebrate the feminine cycle

            Females uniquely and directly experience the seasons of nature every lunar cycle. We can use the energies of ovulation and menstruation to set intentions about what we want to create in our lives and shed outmoded behaviors and beliefs.
  •  Activities to express creative energy

            During puberty, our sexual energy awakens. Sexual energy is simply another form of creative energy. How do we express creative energy in our lives? Art, dance, story-telling, and craft-making are examples of ways we can channel this creative energy into supportive forms.
  •  Understanding healthy feminine archetypes

            Help your teen orient to their personal feminine hero and mythos.