The tradition of Buddhism outlines four essential qualities of every human being. These four qualities are the pillars of Mama Mudita. They are loving kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy (mudita), and equanimity.


Your direct experience is the best informant in navigating your well-being.


Birth, puberty, and death are transformative rites of passage that unite all bodies throughout the entirety of human existence. These events can be enormously healing when we have the support of a loving community. Relationships and community are the cornerstone to our well-being.


Birth is a natural and instinctual process that progresses more gracefully when there are feelings of safety, privacy, and connection.


If we meet it, earthly suffering has the ability to strip away nonsense and reveal something far more beautiful, essential, and pure.


Your body is beautiful, intelligent, and brilliant at maintaining health and balance.


Families, birthing people, menstruating people of all varieties deserve support, equal access to quality care, and informed choice regardless of gender, religion, race, or age. Although I specialize in working with those who are born female, I am happy to include all people in my services. I invite dialogue to learn how I can better support diverse communities.